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Debt Claim Services - Germany / overseas

BDIU-member for more than 25 years

  • At your service!
    At your service!
  • May I help you?
    May I help you?
  • Did you consider all options?
    Did you consider all options?
  • A strong team to support you!
    A strong team to support you!
  • Let us take action on your behalf!
    Let us take action on your behalf!
  • Our Philosophy!
    Our Philosophy!
  • Our solutions for you!
    Our solutions for you!

Welcome to INTERWEGA international

Your performance deserves equal reward. But it’s not far for good clients to become debtors, and then they are a threat to your own solvency.

INTERWEGA provides you with many years of national and international business-to-business experience. To minimise the risk you are taking, we do not offer standard debt collection but a professional and proven debtor management system. Every time you require our service, we apply our expertise as individually and as effectively as possible. Because we want you to get what you have rightfully earned. 

28 years of INTERWEGA

That makes for 28 years of growth, progress and experience. A reason to celebrate as a company's stable success is no matter of course these days!

Thanks to all our clients for the successful cooperation in the past and for all future business!

Our Philosophy

Successfully keeping your existing clients.

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Our Service for Smallest Debt Claims

Efficiently tracking your claims without risking costs.

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Our Debt Claim Services

High recovery rates even in the most hopeless of cases.

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Our Seminars

Further education everywhere in Germany - up-to-date, informative and helpful.

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