Energy and utility industries

With their high-performance and efficient infrastructures, the energy and utility industries are the backbone of our society. They reliably supply trade and industry, public institutions and private households with electricity, gas and water. At the same time, the approx. 1,000 energy producers and grid operators are shouldering the transformation process in order to achieve the climate targets under the mantle of the EU Taxonomy.

As an energy supplier you face a two-pronged challenge: making the necessary investments for the future whilst fulfilling supply obligations under what are currently the most difficult conditions. Efficient accounting processes ensure that your supplies and services are swiftly turned into liquidity. In INTERWEGA, you will find a partner who supports you with these important tasks.

We offer a complete service for accounts receivable accounting or partial services on behalf of, and in the name of, your company. We process overdue receivables or final accounts for electricity, gas and water, but also for telecommunications etc. Once you are relieved of these tasks, you can concentrate on the important job of new customer assessments. We can also support you in optimising the commercial processes of your accounting department.


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