Service sector

The service sector generates around two thirds of Germany’s total economic output - which makes it by far the largest sector in the country. Whether distribution services (trade, transport, communications), commercial services (finance, leasing, further education), personal services (catering, culture, sports, households) or social services (state, health, teaching, church) – in all areas, there are complex service offers and target groups with requirements that demand the ability to respond flexibly. To ensure that this succeeds, as many processes as possible must be optimised and automated. 

We are available for all services in the area of debtor management and debt collection and realise all tasks that ensure rapid liquidity and an improved balance sheet, for example by selling your claims. 

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Thanks to the international team at INTERWEGA, we now also have a central international contact partner. The recommendations they made have a sound basis and the success rate is extremely satisfactory.
Customer with worldwide operations in the service segment

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