Customer-oriented solutions for your claims management / debt collection

Liquidity is as essential as the air we breathe. It is little wonder that outstanding receivables are always unwelcome and should be minimised as far as possible.

We provide individual, all-round support, using modern claims management modules and services that secure your cashflow and revenue. Always up to date and modified in line with the constantly changing economic and legal framework conditions in Germany, Europe and the world. Our solutions range from a collection service to a claims service at home and abroad to long-term monitoring.

Claims service, domestic

Unfortunately, internal dunning procedures do not always lead to the desired goal. This might be unfortunate, but it is simply often the case. Which is why our domestic claims service comprises all the necessary steps for the effective collection of outstanding debts, including the initiation of legal proceedings by our specialist departments. 

Naturally, every task is performed promptly and with a respectful attitude to your customers. Depending on the requirements and regional conditions, INTERWEGA also avails itself of legal competence, know-how and manpower from national network partners and specialist lawyers. 

Good to know: 
The INTERWEGA domestic claims service is of a modular structure and extremely flexible. You are free to choose between an all-inclusive solution and individual service modules.

Benefits to you:

  • Debt collection by highly qualified specialists 
  • Always the same in-house contact
  • Your defaulting customers are contacted in writing and by telephone
  • High success rates even in cases that initially appear unpromising
  • Fast, effective and respectful order processing to reduce your claim throughput times and increase your liquidity 
  • Professional debtor checks for creditworthiness and negative characteristics to allow implementation of cost-effective and successful measures 
  • Savings in unnecessary legal and court costs
  • Transparent processes and field measures individually coordinated with you at the outset 
  • Extensive order-related and operational assessments at no extra cost (if desired) 
Claims service, international

Anyone involved in carrying out international business transactions knows only too well, that it is not just about speaking another language but that are many more difference, that also have to be borne in mind. First and foremost are the specific laws and regulations in the country in question that have to be observed when asserting a claim. It is not always easy to keep sight of all the important factors, and it is above all a time-consuming process. Which is why at INTERWEGA, we offer you a dedicated ‘International Collection’ division in conjunction with an international partner network. This means you can rely on our all-round comprehensive claims service abroad to process your international claims efficiently and effectively. 

Our services:

  • Administration and inspection of orders entrusted to us
  • Individual, country-specific claims management by working with reputable quality partners in other countries:
    • Determination of address (individually regulated by quality partner)
    • Qualified out-of-court collection procedures
    • Depending on the country: telephone collection activities, e-mail reminders and/or field activities 
    • Collection and monitoring of installment payments
    • Initiation of court proceedings (only with the express permission of the client)
  • Communication with debtor in English or other national language
  • Cost transparency including advice as to success prospect
Long-term monitoring

A positive outcome takes time. This applies in particular to long-term monitoring. And it is a way of thinking that is an important source of motivation. After all there are so many triggers and circumstances that plunge people into financial difficulties. In many cases, however, these are only temporary.

Which is why we persevere with your enforceable receivables and check addresses and financial circumstances at regular intervals, and we also take on the cost risk when monitoring goes on over periods of years. 

Benefits to you:

  • Intensive processing and continuous monitoring of written-off receivables without in-house expenses
  • Extraordinary income in the event of success
Minimal receivables

It is quite understandable that many companies write off overdue minimal claims after a short operational collection procedure rather than initiating further proceedings. However, the relation between the internal expense involved and the attendant cost risk is disproportionate. 

INTERWEGA offers you the security of having these claims pursued efficiently and with great success, out of court. With absolutely no cost risk, in accordance with your own internal collection procedures and conducted in a respectful manner. After all, there are many kinds of reasons why a person is unable to pay a bill. 

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