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Efficiency and cost-effectiveness are frequently the subject of close inspection in shipping. First and foremost, this is concerned with current overcapacities and highly fluctuating freight rates. They have a direct impact and are flanked by various additional challenges, such as increasing environmental constraints, which lead to additional costs. 
Extensive digitisation would appear to be the solution. The exchange of information allows forecasting of arrival times and optimisation of processes. However, this demands considerable investment, which in turn requires high liquidity and concentration on the core business. 

We are at your service when it comes to securing your liquidity. Being from Hamburg, we are familiar with the sector, which enables us to support you effectively in collecting your claims. With sector-specific and tried & tested workflows and with flexible consideration of your requirements. 

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The takeover of the processing by INTERWEGA has led to a noticeable relief. An improvement of the key figures underpins the efficiency and quality of the processing.
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