Debtor management & debt collection for electricity and gas

Outstanding payments from private, commercial and industrial energy customers have been accumulating for some time. Now the situation is being aggravated due to the current circumstances on the energy market. Most companies have long-term supply agreements. Pricing developments will start to have an impact from 2023 contractual period onwards. However, it is important to recognise problems early in order to take preventative action. 

In claims management, addressing debtors individually is crucial for success. Strategies where the standardised processes of classic debtor management are combined with targeted, personalised dialogue have proven to be successful. This is notably true for defaulting B2C and B2B customers. We have proven skills for solution-oriented communication at eye level.

We are familiar with the business challenges of electricity and gas companies and speak their language. On this basis we identify the individual problems of debtors and create acceptance for effective solutions. Agreements for adjustments to advance payments amounts, payment terms or instalments are some of our proven tools. We conduct targeted discussions in close consultation with you within the framework of pre-defined limits. An early, proactive approach is crucial to avoid exposure to the risk of insolvency proceedings.

We support you to position yourself as a regional supplier and use critical phases to improve customer loyalty.